June 28th – 30th || MISTS Training with Mary Rodwell


MISTS Training with Mary Rodwell

Multidimensional Information in a Super-conscious Trance State©

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Multidimensional Information in a Super-conscious Trance State©

MISTS:  The Next Step

What is MISTS?

MISTS is a therapeutic process which requires the hypnotherapist to facilitate and also be an integral participant in the exploration of the hypnosis experience. This means they access their own ‘intuitive‘ abilities to assist and guide the session to enhance the understanding of the client.

How does it work?

It has become apparent scientifically the true nature of reality is holographic and our consciousness is multidimensional. Therefore to access information from the subconscious /super conscious of the individual it requires  access to the subconscious /super conscious, by blocking the left brain  conscious analytical, logical mind through by accessing a trance state. This allows access to information and understanding from the subconscious/ super conscious, i.e. ‘the higher mind ’ that is unfiltered by 3D limited and limiting programming.

How is MISTS different from other models of regression hypnosis?

MISTS regression hypnosis is different because it involves the state of consciousness of the hypnotherapist, the facilitator to participate.   If the hypnotherapist can connect, and access the frequencies that they are facilitating for the client, as they ‘a-tune’  to the same frequency they can also tap into what the client is experiencing for greater understanding and effectiveness.

 What is the advantage of this attunement or link to the client ?

If the hypnotherapist uses their own ‘intuitive ‘skills and intent  they can to connect to the hypnotic  trance journey of the client to gain further  insight into how best to direct and enhance the understanding of the client.

This ‘intent’ can facilitate  the hypnotherapist to  be open to intuitive ‘insights’ which may and can  occur during the hypnosis  session if the hypnotherapist knows how  their ‘intuitive’ multidimensional self  operates.

Does the MISTS process require deep hypnosis i.e. Somnambulism?  

The individual can facilitate the exploration of right brain ‘subconscious’ information while in any level of  altered state. It does not necessarily have to be in what is known as a somnambulistic state i.e. totally unaware of what is being explored, to gain information

 How does the ‘intuitive’ multidimensional self offer information?

The information can be visual, kinesthetic (sensing /feeling) symbolic,  energetic, or in a knowing, auditory response conveyed through the therapists own multidimensional abilities and their connection to it . This process can offer a range of advantages in terms of enhancing the depth of  information and understanding  that is sought by the client.

How does the MISTS help the hypnotherapist access their ‘intuitive skills’?

The premise with MISTS is holistic and multidimensional ie we operate in a sea of consciousness in which we are all connected we as individuals are not isolated,  but work in a field of consciousness that is connected to each other.

Note : The most  significant theoretical consideration of the QH theory is that of mathe- matician, Walter Shempp, and former astronaut and scientist, Edgar Mitchell,  who proposed that at the subatomic scale of matter everything in the universe is interconnected; all objects in the universe retain evidence of each event that has occurred to them and that this information is stored in this holographic form. ey contend that this information can be retrieved by the mind when it attends to an object. Furthermore, the QH theory allows for distinctions that occur in our con- sciousness and those that can manifest on a physical scale to possibly better under- stand the relationship between consciousness and the brain. is may explain the reason how many things interact with one another, such as thoughts in telepathic experiments. For example, if a person’s consciousness is shared with another in the QH eld and they are in close contact throughout space-time, telepathy may occur, i.e., it is not con ned to the location of the person or object and is non-local.

Except from The New Human  page 373
-Dr Robert Davis,  Neuroscientist  

In this holistic understanding  there is no time or space. As we are  all are multidimensional in nature the trance state allows us to connect to our right brain multidimensional selves to access more of what the client  experiences when hypnotized. It means not only can the therapist facilitate the trance state in the client but can facilitate  a frequency  ’bridge’ to the client and within themselves at the same time. This facilitates access to information the client receives  because they are on  a similar or the same frequency.  This state is often occurring without the therapist realizing  however, and the therapist  can be surprised if they also receive images or impressions similar to the client when facilitating the regression.  However MISTS  course facilitates awareness of this process to gain confidence and  enhance this ability to be a conscious skill.

To re-iterate , MISTS courses offer  simple techniques, useful tools to enhance the understanding of the hypnotherapist  to their  ‘intuitive’  abilities so that they hypnotherapist can be more consciously aware  of how this ‘intuitive’ sense operates, to use it more effectively. This means that this awareness will offer more than one way but accessing all the data useful to the client in a session.

Does MISTS interfere with the integrity of the information the client receives?

MISTS techniques do not compromise the information the client receives. It does not influence the data but simply use  ‘intuitive’ skills to guide the individual to more avenues,  options and insights on how the exploration can unfold.  It is similar to understanding there is more than one way to reach a given goal or understanding. The hypnotherapist may get a sense or image that may help them ask a pertinent question more accurate overall to the one the conscious self may have asked.

What the Workshop Covers

This course is about challenging your limits and fears to be a more open facilitator to those who wish to experience beyond 3D. 

Note:  the training course begins Thursday morning and runs through Saturday evening.  Attendees will be required to depart on Sunday by noon so ECETI can prepare for the conference that starts the following Wednesday. 

MISTS Training course is about personal growth as a regression therapist which encourages a more open mandate of exploration which acknowledges that we live in a multiverse of consciousness and that we can only take our client as far as we are prepared to go ourselves.

The Training will include:

  • -Intuitive Tools to access your multidimensional self and how to recognize your own ‘intuitive’ abilities with confidence and clarity.
  • -How is multidimensional information recognized?
  • -Learn how to assist the ‘intuitive’ psi individual gain more confidence in his or her multidimensional awareness.
  • -Learn how to work with the individual experiencing Encounters with Non Human Intelligences, or other ‘non local’ communication. How is this experienced and what do you need to know?
  • -Screen memories, and high strangeness how to access information that makes sense?
  • -How to work with clients in regression with technology, such as Skype or Zoom hypnosis. What to be aware of when not physically with the client?
  • -How do you make the regression meet the needs of the client?
  • -Removing energy blocks or old programs.


This workshop is for established practitioners looking for additional skills to incorporate into their practice.
It is NOT an entry level course.  

Eligible Attendees must have one  or more of the following backgrounds:

-Certified Hypnotherapists
– QHHT Practitioners
– Theta Healers
– Experienced Meditation Teachers able to put clients into deep trance state


Meet Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell is recognized Internationally as one of Australia’s leading researchers of encounters with non-human intelligences, She has lectured in North America, Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia.

She is the Founder and Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) and Co-founder and Director of The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)  Mary is a former nurse, midwife, counselor, hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, International speaker and researcher.  

She is the author of Awakening, How Extraterrestrial Contact can transform your life and her newest book The New Human, Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage. She has produced two award winning documentaries: Expressions of ET Contact – a Visual Blueprint and Expressions of ET Contact – a Communication and Healing Blueprint  Mary has also been featured in several documentaries, including   ET Contact, They Are Here;  Australien Skies 2 and a personal one with her son: “My Mum Talks to Aliens” produced in Australia by SBS,   In addition she has produced  five series of meditation CDs such as Inner Alchemy

Mary’s research explores the Encounter phenomenon from a multidimensional consciousness perspective and works with families and children. She cites her research to show evidence the star ‘Visitors’ have orchestrated many multidimensional programs to ‘upgrade’ and activate the consciousness of Homo sapiens to become a evolved ‘new’ human. Mary believes this is a global phenomenon and the recent generations of humans, often called Indigos’ or crystals (some labeled ADHD, Dyslexic, or Autistic etc.) are already ‘awake ‘ and conscious of their star origins and their Earth Mission to help activate the consciousness of Humanity.

Read more about Mary’s background

Private Sessions with Mary Rodwell

Counselling and Support
Professional support and counselling is provided to individuals who believe they may be having contact with non-human intelligences and/or who are having paranormal encounters. Many experiencers think they they are going crazy until they seek and receive support. Counselling provided is honouring and non-judgemental. Support for family members is also provided.   Includes recording of session.

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Session investment: $220.

Hypnosis and Regression
Professional hypnosis and regression services are always provided in safe and secure environments. The purpose of a hypnotic regression is to assist an experiencer to consciously remember events that are or may be impacting upon their lives. Sessions are taped and promptly given to each experiencer and/or other individual in receipt of service. Feedback from past experiencers who have undergone hypnosis is that it assisted them to understand what was happening to them and why, and helped them come to terms with their contact experiences. Often only one session is required.   Includes recording of session.

Register on Conference Registration Page
Session investment: $220.


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    • -Visit Pleiadian Circle or Meditate on Lemurian Hill
    • -Walk Field of Dreams with your Intention
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Thursday June 28th - Workshop Day I
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Friday June 29th - Workshop Day II
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Saturday June 30th - Workshop Day III
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  • 3:00pm – 5:00pm MISTS Training   – session #6
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