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Interested in sharing a ride to ECETI for the Self Mastery Workshop?

Please use following format for posting your Ride Share info in comments section:


Date:    (ie) Wednesday May 23rd/Monday May 28th

Seats Available or Needed:  2 seats available

Location: Portland International Airport (or Bend, or Hood River)

Time: 1:00 pm flight arrives on Thursday, 2 pm flight departs on Monday

Name:  Your Name Here

Contact:  your preference phone or email

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2 thoughts on “Ride Share I I Self Mastery Workshop”

  1. Ride Needed:

    Thursday, May 31
    Need 1 seat
    Location: From Eceti Ranch to Cascade Locks. That’s my final destination, but anywhere in that direction is also fine. -So if someone is heading to Hood, OR or back to PDX, I can make my way from there.
    Jessy Keitlen: jkeitlen [at] yahoo [dot] com


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