Remote Viewing

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Remote Viewing by a seasoned expert, in a location unlike any other. Be prepared to travel the Universe with your mind! You will learn the whole Remote Viewing protocol, (the full TDS system) from the ideograms to the matrix. This is an intensive program and one designed to set you on the right path to be a top notch Remote Viewer. You will also learn and practice a unique method I employ, called Image Streaming – an adjunct to regular Remote Viewing where you learn how to access visuals, both inside RV sessions, and outside. You will be provided with a manual, plenty of lecture, and PLENTY of practice. And we’ll have the added mystery and majesty of practicing Remote Viewing at ECETI Ranch with all its unusual activity. Not only that, you will make great connections with other beginning students and have the opportunity to continue on in a mentorship capacity, if you desire. After learning the basic RV protocol, you’ll get better and better with practice.

John Vivanco

John Vivanco has been a professional Remote Viewer for 20 years. He first came to James’ attention after reporting his experiences Remote Viewing the craft and other activity at Mt Adams and ECETI. You’ll find his insights quite enlightening. Check out the audio link on this page to hear that interview. John was part of the first Civilian Remote Viewing organizations after the government declassified the program, and his organization was hired to investigate the unknown, including work with the FBI after 9/11 on counter-terror issues, and with corporations on business issues. His searches for lost treasures lead him to a collaboration with the National Geographic Channel and he continues to this day developing ideas around TV, teaching, investigating, and running a team of Remote Viewers on many exciting projects. His current focus lies mostly in the realm of untangling, and heading out on expeditions, to investigate locations of High Strangeness.

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